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On the first day of a new school term, high school student Akane Motomiya, her classmate Tenma Morimura, and their underclass friend Shimon Nagareyama are sucked into a mysterious old well. When they awake, they are in Kyō , another world that resembles Kyoto during the Heian Period. According to the young scion of the Star Clan Fujihime, Akane is the Ryūjin no Miko Priestess of the Dragon God who has come to save Kyō from the ambitions of the Oni Clan In this task, the Akane has the help of eight men known as the Hachiyō and her friends Tenma and Shimon number among them. Initially, Akane is bewildered by her new circumstances, but she gradually comes to face up to her own destiny and understand the world of Kyō.

  • This anime is also a manga and a RPG neo-romance game! The anime has a movie and an additional anime special to the series, and also the reason I call it the Haruka series is because it has sequels.